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boomcha_honey's Journal

13 February 1981
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adam clayton is love
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irish guys are love
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(retards), 1950's style, 80's, 80s, accents, adam clayton, africa, alan rickman, alf, amnesty international, anything scottish, arthurian legend, australia, black 47, bob dylan, bob marley, bobby sands, bono, books, boondock saints, boston, brad pitt, braveheart, bushmills, celtic jewelry, celtic music, christy moore, coldplay, colin farrell, colin firth, colm o'brien, conan o'brien, concerts, curls, curves, damien dempsey, damien rice, daniel day lewis, david bowie, david gray, declan o'rourke, depeche mode, drinking, dropkick murphys, dublin, ewan mcgregor, flogging molly, frank sinatra, gaelic football, gangs of new york, gavin friday, green day, guinness, guns n' roses, guys in kilts, harry potter, history, hockey, hugh grant, hurling, industrial revolution, insomnia, inxs, ireland, irish accents, irish history, irish men, irish music, irish poetry, irish pubs, jameson, john lennon, johnny cash, johnny depp, keane, larry mullen jr, law & order: ci, law & order:svu, liam neeson, livestrong, love actually, martin luther king jr., medieval, merle haggard, michael hutchence, micheal collins, mike ness, moulin rouge, movies, mr. macphisto, murphy's irish stout, my boyfriend, nine inch nails, notting hill, nyc, oasis, oscar wilde, paul hewson, paul o' reilly, pearl jam, plague, poetry, punk rock, rancid, reading, red hot chili peppers, red sox, robbie williams, rock of love, rory gallagher, rufus wainwright, rugby, san diego, scotland, scottish men, sex, sex pistols, snape, social distortion, stereophonics, tattoos, the clash, the edge, the frames, the mighty mighty bosstones, the mists of avalon, the ocean, the pogues, the prodigals, the simpsons, tim burton, trainspotting, travel, travis, tullamore dew, u2, w.b. yeats, writing