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Okay so i have a new obsession. Ya know how you sometimes get sucked into tv shows and if there is a marathon of them on you'll just sit there and watch every one? Well yeah i did that the other night with the show Man vs. Wild. I think i'm addicted to it and now watch it every time it's on lol. Last night i stayed up until 3am watching it, hey it's not like i can sleep anyway. It's educational anyway hehe :D I've even learned how to use my watch as a compass and that i can eat different sorts of moss and drink my own pee LOL. It's not likely that any of those will ever happen, but hey i know things now. Plus the host Bear Grylls, yeah i kinda think i have a crush on him.

I'm at my uncle's house sitting, boring as usual and their internet connection is kinda slow. Somehow i hurt my ankle on that ghost tour, i think it was at Squire's castle, and today i'm having loads of trouble walking :( It sucks because i don't have insurance so it'll cost me an arm and a leg to get it looked at. Might just wrap it up and stay off it for a day.

So the time changed and i'm sad because it's 5pm and it's nearly pitch black outside. I went to the mall with Katelyn last night and they already have all their christmas stuff up and they are playing christmas music in the stores. I love christmas, but this is too much too soon! Plus Cormac is supposed to be coming here for christmas and new year's but he hasn't booked his ticket yet and the price keeps going up. I don't think he'll be able to afford it and that just makes me feel blah and not want to celebrate. Still nothing on the student work visa, i'm getting rather upset about that whole thing again. I wish it was easier!
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